SIGGRAPH 2010 Computer Animation Festival

Final Program (without ads) co-published with CGW Magazine, Los Angeles, 2010.


Fostering Creativity in the Land of Conformity

Paper about starting a new art school in Singapore, presented at DesignEd Asia 2010, Hong Kong.


Digital Physicality: Printmaking

Paper about my pioneering work in computer-aided printmaking, presented at Ideas Before Their Time: Connecting the Past and the Present in Computer Art. Sponsored by the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Computer Society. London, February 2010.


Earth Girl Saves The Day

Paper about the Earth Girl game prototype, presented at the Second Conference on Culture and Computing, Kyoto, Japan, 20-22 October, 2011.


The 12 Principles of Character Animation Applied to Character Animation

Presented at the Forum international de technologies de l'animation, that took place in 2002 at Angoulême, France.


Heritage Dragons

Poster for the NTU Student's Heritage Society about the NTU Dragon Float for the Chingay Parade, 2009.


Mexican Folk Functional Graphics

Introduction to Sensacional de Diseño Mexicano, Princeton Architectural Press, 2002.


Computers, Pyramids and Hearts

Paper about my Broken Heart project, published in Contemporary Impressions, the journal of the American Print Alliance, Fall 1994.


Creative Human Character Animation: The Incredibles vs. The Polar Express.

A look at the contrasting styles of human 3D character animation in The Incredibles and The Polar Express. Published in vfxworld.com, November 2004.


Graduation Short Films from Singapore’s ADM, 2009-2011

A taxonomy of film graduation projects based on key issues common to the films and on the generation-specific points of view. Conference on Film and Cinema, Asia Research Institute, 2011.


Earth Girl: A Multi-Cultural Game about Natural Disaster Prevention and Resilience

Advances in Computer Entertainment Conference (ACE) 2012, Kathmandu, Nepal, November 2012.